2020 Group provides CPD seminars for accountants. 2020’s CPD seminars focus on technology, marketing, and practice management best practices. Designed specifically for small and medium-sized firms, our CPD seminars will help practitioners better grow and manage their firms. The entire content of the CPD seminars is built upon practical and implementable strategies being used by the most successful 2020 members around the world.

Do you give your clients what they really want (and need)?

You are your client’s most trusted financial advisor – that’s what all the surveys tell us – but the game is changing and they’re not satisfied with the same old, same old. At 2020, we’ve interviewed more than 13,000 entrepreneurs. And here’s what they say:

I want an accountant who:

  • Understands me, my business and my challenges
  • Proactively helps me
  • Sees the whole picture and serves me in a comprehensive way
  • Does things on time and on budget
  • Knows where I’m going and will help me get there

Are you satisfied with your work, your firm and how much money you make?

We’ve also interviewed thousands of accountants and you’ve told us (among other things):

  • You love your clients and enjoy what you do
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day
  • Finding “good” people is once again more difficult, and it’s getting harder to delegate
  • Technology is moving so fast; it’s hard to keep up (but you know you have to)
  • You’re worried about who will take over your firm when you want to “slow down” or retire

If you want a different outcome, you’ll need to make changes – and the best place to start is by attending a 2020 seminar near you. We’ll show you:

What the most successful small and medium-sized firms are doing; and,
How you can capitalize on the great opportunities in our industry.
Success starts with small adjustments that add up to big changes. With that in mind, we’re offering a 2-day seminar entitled; “Building The New, New Firm” that will show you where you can make those adjustments in order to get the most out of your firm. Morning: How do you grow your firm? With smart, effective marketing techniques; expanded services; and acquiring another practice…
Afternoon: It is all about Profitability. Here, you’ll get the secrets that the most profitable firms are already using. Learn how to make sure that all of your technology is geared toward success, see how outsourcing can help you take your firm to new heights, and get ready to take your firm to the top! CPD -8 hours