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[vc_accordion_tab title=”Membership – What’s included in Premium Membership?”]
Premium membership includes:

  1. The Innovator (monthly newsletter
  2. Free web based CPE
  3. 2020 Resources (limited)
  4. Regular Membership Benefits
  5. Access to the 2020 Resource Center
  6. 2020 Audio Series
  7. Unlimited Phone/Email Support
  8. Discounts on 2020 Seminars
  9. Preferred Pricing with Select Providers
  10. Discounts on 2020 Products

[vc_accordion_tab title=”Membership – What’s the Annual Performance Review”]
The Annual performance Review is a 90 minute strategy session. You’ll answer the APR questionnaire and schedule a time discuss. Please allow 5-7 business days between submitting your information and scheduling a time.

During the phone call, we’ll benchmark your practice against leading datasets of the industry and identify 3-4 strategic initiatives for your firm to focus on in the coming 12 months.

[vc_accordion_tab title=”Membership – What’s the term for membership”]
2020 Canada membership is a 12-month agreement.
[vc_accordion_tab title=”Seminars – Will I get CPE for seminars and webinars?”]
[vc_accordion_tab title=”Seminars – Who Should attend?”]
The seminar program is designed specifically for go-ahead firms that want to perform even better. Decision makers should attend as well future decision makers. If you’re a partner, manager or firm administrator and marketer, 2020 seminars are for you.

We know the value of getting the team on board with new initiatives and offer a 30% discount when 3 or more people from the same firm attend.

[vc_accordion_tab title=”Seminars – What is your cancellation policy?”]
Cancellations made more than 7 business days before the schedule start time will receive a full discount, less $10.

Cancellations made 2-7 days before the start time will forfeit 30% of the registration fees.

Cancellations made 1 day before or a no-show will forfeit 100% of their registration fees.

Registrations can be transferred to other events and to other people from the same firm within the above time frames.

That is, you can transfer your registration to another person in your firm to the same event without penalty. However the same penalties above apply when changing registration events.

[vc_accordion_tab title=”Seminars – What’s included in my registration fee?”]
Your registration fee includes materials delivered electronically, CPE, continental breakfast, a light lunch and refreshments.

Parking and hotel accommodation is NOT included in your seminar registration.

[vc_accordion_tab title=”Products – What’s included in the 57 Ways/New Business Kit customization?”]
The customization fee includes the license to use the content, as well as your logo and contact details been inserted according to your design instructions. The fee also includes online setup with the publisher. The fee does NOT include copies of the book. You make this purchase through the publishers website.
[vc_accordion_tab title=”Products – How many books does the 57 Ways/New Business Kit customization include?”]
Your purchase does NOT include any copies of the book. You will make a separate purchase of the book from the publisher.


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